Cover Letter Checklist

A cover letter checklist is basically a group of important things you should do at the time of writing a cover letter, remember that it is the first contact between you and the interviewer, so leaving a first good impression is really important. Some of the elements on the list do not have to be followed literally, but is a really good decision trying to accomplish the most of them.

Cover letter checklist

Here you will find a checklist that will help you to be sure that your cover letter is correctly written, try to focus your letter on the main objective, the interview, so show to the interviewer that you are perfect for the job. Keep in mind that this list may not include all the important elements, so if you find more just add them and made your own cover letter checklist.

We will classify this cover letter checklist into 3 parts: Format and appearance, content and others.

  Format and Appearance YES NO
1. I am using the same type of paper both for my cover letter and resume.    
2. My cover letter is 1 page long or less.    
3. There are no grammatical mistakes, all the words are perfectly understandable and are located at the correct context.    
4. The font style I use is very simple and easy to read.    
5. The cover letter is neat.    
6. I included my name, address, city and zip code, telephone number and email.    
7. I included the receiver's information correctly, name, address, position, name of the company, city, zip code.    
8. I am using a standard format for this type of letters.    
9. I use the white spaces correctly, so my cover letter is very easy to read.    
  Content YES NO
1. The letter is addressed to an individual, not to an area, unless it is specified that must be addressed to an area.    
2. My letter begins with Dear Mr, Ms, Dr, or any other prefix.    
3. My introduction is well written and is completely understandable.    
4. My introduction is attractive and explains the reason why I am writing this letter.    
5. My introduction indicates my interest on the job.    
6. I matched my skills with the company's requirements.    
7. I wrote about my experience and some of my most important degrees.    
8. My letter does not copy my resume but complements it.    
9. The information within each paragraph is related and understandable.    
10. I use action words and verbs.    
11. I wrote about how I can be useful to solve the organization's problems.    
12. I avoided contractions (e.g didn't,I'll).    
13. My letter shows that I researched the company and I know about it.    
14. My letter shows my enthusiasm.    
15. This cover letter is not a copy of your previous letters, in case it is, get ensure that it has been modified to fit perfectly to the company's requirements.    
16. I finished the letter showing my interest on following up the interviewing process.    
17. In case I will not be on town for the next days or weeks, I explained that they can contact me by mail or cell phone.    
18. I did show my gratitude to the receiver for his/her time and the opportunity.    
19. The signature is handwritten, not printed.    
  Others YES NO
1. I have researched the company to know what they do.    
2. I know what the company objectives are.    
3. I extracted correctly the company's requirements.