IT Cover Letters

The field of Information Technologies is very important and profitable in these days. Due to this, there are many people who are actually studying (or have already studied) to find jobs as computer programmers, data analysts, LAN administrators, senior system administrators, computer programmers, software development managers, webmasters, etc. Thanks to these professionals, the world of IT has been evolving very fast in the recent years.

IT Analyst cover letter example

IT Analyst

A position as analyst is a challenging job, in the cover letter the candidate must specify why he is the best suited for the job.

Graphic Design cover letter example

Graphic Design

In the following graphic design cover letter example you can see that the candidate has organized his/her information in important aspects that could be important for employer evaluation.

Programmer cover letter example


A programmer cover letter will show you what information you must include and in which order in your own letter; don't forget that one of the most important is to include your previous experience.



Technology job positions emphasize in the requirements such as certifications and skills, it's important to mention them in the cover letter example we have.