Sales, Marketing and PR Cover Letters

There are many job positions in the advertising, marketing or public relations field. You would need to have a precise image of what's the kind of public that will be the most interested in buying your products. Also, you will be implementing several strategies that will be used in order to sell your products, creating an image of the company that you are working for.

To find sales or marketing jobs, you must know at least two languages. To learn more languages you may consider online websites like this page, who offers quality contents, audios, and other interesting resources to learn languages online. Remember include your language skills in your resume and mention in your cover letter.

Call center cover letter example

Call center

In your cover letter you must focus on the abilities and skills that could help you in the job. See our call center cover letter example to know how to do so.

Customer service cover letter example

Customer service

To apply a customer service position, we provide a cover letter example with useful information on the requirements you can consider for a good and successful application.

Marketing cover letter example


As you are working in marketing, it's a good idea to include information on major accounts you worked with, it's important to include also detailed references to your working history.

Public relations cover letter example

Public relations

This public relations cover letter sample includes few but only relevant information to impress a potential employer, with focus on yout strengths, experience and education.