The first thing a potential employer sees in your job application

A cover letter or letter of application is considered a key tool in the job search process, although it is not the unique tool to find a new job. It is use to complement resumes and makes it more attractive to recruiters. The main objective of a letter of application is to create a great first impression to your potential employers, so that they will be interested in hiring you.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to take the enough time to write a concise and interesting letter of application. Most professionals submit their job applications with this letter, because it increases their chances of landing that job.

Cover letter writing tips

In this section we provide you some tips to write an exceptional letter of application:

Cover letter
  • Make sure you are qualified for the position you apply for. Since recruiters receive hundreds of job applications, they will discard résumés that don't match the professional profile that they are looking for.
  • There are many types of cover letters, you will not have any problem to find a model and write one very well. You can search several examples on internet.
  • If you want to create a solid first impression, you must tailor your letter of application to meet job description requirements. Keep in mind that this document should have a maximum of one page.
  • Research who is responsible person of the recruitment process, because you will need some like his/her name for the salutation. For further details, call the receptionist and ask for more details (name and title).
  • In this kind of letter you must grab recruiter's attention. The objective is to capture the attention of the employer.
  • It is important to mention where you fund the job advertisement, and explain your interest in the job position.
  • Emphasize your professional accomplishments, especially those that aren't in your résumé. Remember that this should be an original document rather than copy of your résumé.
  • Let recruiters know the way you can contribute to company development and what you expect from the position.
  • In the last paragraph, remind the recruiter that your résumé includes detailed information about your academic background, professional experience and technical competences.
  • Always write your résumé and your letter of application in formal language. You have to watch your spelling. If you do not know how to write a cover letter, you can check out some examples, but dot forget to be original.
  • Proofread the whole document and then ask a friend or a counselor to check grammar error and misspelling.

Prepare a resume attachment

For your resume, you first need to summarize all your main job experiences and studies along your professional career. Then chronologically organize the information starting from the latest experience. Don’t lose your time writing irrelevant awards or activities, and remember that your resume must be two-page long as maximum or three if you are an experienced professional.

There are free web pages that can assist you to make a well-written resume. For example, the tool is really useful because it gives you the advantage of having an online resume samples which can be download every time and everywhere. Having your own resume sample always prepared is the latest trend in job search. This tool will allow you to attract more employers, so you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to download as many resume templates as possible.

Cover letters support any job application; moreover, it increases opportunities of a job interview. Nowadays, most employers prefer job seekers who send their job applications with their respective cover letters, because in this way they discover committed and hard-working applicants. You should write a letter of application for each résumé you send.

You might also search about company's background and current business activities. It will show your interest in the company. Recruiters are looking for enthusiastic and talented people. Don't forget to mention the title of the job position you are applying for. If you put into practice these pieces of advice, you will speed up your job search process. Finally, you will have more possibilities to be called for a job interview.

In the following sections you will find a detailed guide that will help you write a professional cover letter in order to get the job of your dreams.