Tips for Writing a Cover Letter for a Job

Do not you still know how to write a cover letter? Expert job hunters consider writing a cover letter an important skill to have success at the job search process; although most novel job applicants think that having a well-redacted résumé is enough to convince employers. They do not realize the crucial role of the cover letter in the process of looking for a new employment. It is true that a polished résumé is needed to impress employers, but a targeted cover letter that speaks them about the needs of their organization and sells yourself as the perfect person for the employment is the best thing you can do to get that job.

How to write a cover letter

A cover letter has the purpose to introduce yourself, show your skills, creativity, eagerness and give an overview and a detailed interpretation of the facts in your résumé. The letter of application has to compel the potential employer to read your CV as well as résumé to convince him/her to call you for a job interview.

Like a resume, a cover letter must be polish, direct and neat. Your cover letter should include the following information:

What information to include

  • Your complete name, phone number, address.
  • The date.
  • The name, title in the company and address of the person and/or company to whom you sent your CV and letter of application.
  • A polite salutation.
  • A starting paragraph that explains why you write to him/her. You should also indicate you are interesting in the job vacancy.
  • Two or three paragraphs that tell employers the reason why you want to work for their organization. You should mention your qualifications and experiences that match with the job position. It will show that you have researched about the company and the employment before applying.
  • A final paragraph where you close the letter of application and invite the recruiter to contact you for an interview.
  • At the end of the letter, add a signature with dark ink under your name.

The cover letter should include all these details and be no longer than a simple page in length. You have to use a formal and polite language. Don't forget to be consistent. These steps will ensure to have a success letter of application.

Important steps to write a Cover letter

The question How to write a cover letter has to be absolutely resolved in this section. There are some important steps that you cannot avoid like:

  • You have to write the cover letter with a formal-style format. You write this letter to your potential employer and not a relative or friend. You mustbe careful inyourspelling.
  • The letter of application might be attractive and neat. You do not have to tell your life history in this letter. Nevertheless, you should be comprehensive but concise.
  • You always have to include an opening paragraph, the body of the letter and the closing paragraph.
  • You should emphasize the critical points included in your CV.
  • You should cite real examples that remark your skills.
  • Be honest, you should not over estimate your abilities.
  • You must avoid being arrogant, cocky or chummy.
  • You might not repeat information that you already included in your résumé.

Your cover letter can be the key to obtain a job interview. It should express a high level of interest about the position you are applying for, so it is necessary to take the time and effort to writing a professional cover letter. If you don't have enough time for this, provides you with numerous samples and writing templates that will help you to write an effective cover letter specifically for each purpose.