How to request a letter of recommendation

How to Request a Letter of Recommendation

During your professional career, you probably will need to know how to request a letter of recommendation.

These letters could be obtained from your earlier supervisors, colleagues or managers. These letters become essential in academic job positions. You don't have to feel uncomfortable about asking recommendation letters because you are not imposing. People who write these types of letters know that it is their responsibility to do it.

Nevertheless, you should do everything as possible in order to lighten the load on your references.

Select thoroughly a letter-writer because he or she should know essential aspects such as norms of letter-writing, he or she need to be well informed about you and the place that you are applying for. When a letter-writer knows about you, your letter will contain more details related to anecdotes or other relevant examples. That will have a better result than signalize generic trivialities. When a letter-writer knows about the position that you are applying for, it allows appointing to your specific strengths and skills. It is essential that a letter-writer doesn't have conflicts of interests like for example another applicant who have him or her as the advisor.

It is important that you ask letters that could be written by people who can make good letters. For applications is common to ask for 3 letters that includes 4 reinforcements your application. Nevertheless, you should better have 3 excellent letters instead of 4 weak letters. For your list, you shouldn't skip relevant people like previous advisors or supervisors. You should avoid obtaining bad recommendations from people, so try not to do omissions.

Include people who have a variety of backgrounds such as teachers, academic supervisors and other relevant people. You can start giving letter-writers around 2 weeks. You should prefer to do it in one month. A letter-writer also has other responsibilities. Do not pretend to put pressure in his or her work.

You should give wide information. First, you need to write a small description that contains the honor or position. In this way, the letter-writer will have more details to give. Whether you have not gotten in contact with the letter-writer, you should give him or her more details in order to be aware.

In addition, you should complete the form and other materials needed. Supply your resume. If needed, also give your personal statement. Also, let know about the places that you are applying for to your references that will be helpful to the letter-writer to adjust the letters. Make remind to your references about all the details as specific as possible because it will be very helpful.

Indeed, do not try to read the letter. The entity that assesses the application will receive it in a direct way. If not, the evaluation shall be stamped before they delivered to you. Don't feel disturbed. Here, you could be asked if you want to give up to your right to see the letters of recommendation and you should agree. You may be asked on an application whether you waive your right to view the letters of recommendation. You should always agree to waive that right.

Finally, you already know how to request a letter of recommendation. Remember to do a follow up because you need to ensure that your letter has arrived.