How to write a reference letter

How to write a reference letter

In some moment, you will need to know how to write a reference letter. You can find here the adequate form to write it. First, it is important to know about the definition of reference letter. The reference letter is commonly used to bear witness of individuals or even business skills. At times, this letter could be known as recommendation letter. Also, this letter is a formal document which is written in a methodical manner. People could use these letters in different ways for different occasions. For example, candidates who are applying for a job, an interviewee who obtained a job offer potential renters, companies and even students.

The pattern of a reference letter could change according to the type of reference, so you will find below a great basic scheme that will be useful when you create this type of letters.

  • You should have the business letter as a basis format include the name and the address of the recipient. For example, you could use: Dear Madam/Sir.
  • Introduce yourself in the startling lines. You should write a couple of sentences which you explain your relationship with the candidate and your position.
  • Then, you need to ascertain the facts that you know the candidate can be providing with your letter. For instance, if the letter of reference is for the job applicant, you could consider the following details: The job title of the individual and the position held the salary on living when the individual was hired by you or your company, and starting and final day which the individual was hired.
  • On the third paragraph, you need to give your statement concerning to the abilities and qualities of the candidate. Most of the times, it is convenient to mention that you will be happy to rehire the individual. Moreover, you could emphasize the unique qualities that this candidate has.
  • On the next paragraph, you could give some specific examples of times when the candidate was outstanding
  • After that, close the letter with a positive aspect. Should you have the desire to receive any additional correspondence regarding the application of the candidate, clarify it. Also, put your contact information there.
  • As well as a business letter, do not forget to finish it adequately. For instance, you could use: Sincerely yours (when you know the name of the recipient) or faithfully yours (when you don't know the name of the recipient).

Also, we will provide you some tips that we helpful to know how to write a reference letter. Please, be sure to avoid these aspects:

  • Writing on informal way in order to maintain the formal letter. Some things like slang, jokes or other informal language could be not appropriate. In addition, it could affect the possibilities for a candidate.
  • Including the personal information of the candidate that won't be relevant for the application. For example, breed, religion, age and other irrelevant information.
  • Referring to the weak points of the candidate.
  • Using typographical errors and orthographical errors.