How to write a thank you letter

Have you received sometime a thank you letter for something you did? How did you feel with it? Well, writing a thank you letter after an interview, quietly cause the same impression. There is more than one reason to send a thank you letter to your interviewer. It is more to thank the interviewer; it is also let him/her know that you are interested in the job position. If you want this letter has the effect you want, you must know how to write a thank you letter, so we invite you to read the info here.

Why you should send a thank you letter?

Thank you letter after a job interview

Through this letter, you can thank the person who interviewed you, and also reemphasize you are interested in working for the company.

Also, it increases the chances that employers hire you, because, receiving this letter, interviewers can remember you, and read again what your skills are, and reinforce the idea they have of you.

You can write a hand note, an email, among others. It will depend on the time, kind of organization, and the kind of interview you had. If you achieved a rapport with your interviewer, and it the interview wasn't much formal, then a hand written note will be good. You always have to consider the time. It is recommended, you send a thank you letter as soon as you can, after the interview.

If you want this letter cause a good impression, and be a point in your favor, well, you have to write a good thank you letter, without grammar and spelling mistakes.

How to write a thank you letter?

You can start bearing in mind that you can send this letter as soon as you can; within the 24 hours after the interview will be recommendable. It will depend on the time the employer has to take a decision.

Whether you decide for a hand written letter or an email, you must consider that this is not a very formal letter, so don't worry so much about the style. It will be good if you write a short thank you letter with two to three paragraphs.

There are basic things to consider when writing a thank you letter, these are the following:

  • If you don't remember the name of your interviewer, in order to include it in your letter, call the company's office and ask for it.
  • In the first paragraph of the letter, thank your interviewer for the time to meet you, and for giving you the opportunity to be considered as a candidate for the job position. Also mention your enthusiasm in working for the company.
  • In the second paragraph, you can include the reasons why you are a potential candidate for the job vacancy. Describe how the job is a good match for your skills.
  • In the third paragraph, you can write about important things, you didn't mention on your interview. Those things can include skills and job experience you have, and that you forgot to mention.
  • In the closing paragraph, thank again for the opportunity employers gave you. A phrase such as "I hope to hear from you soon" can be included.

Sending a thank you letter can be the difference between you and other applicants for the job. Knowing how to write a thank you letter can help you to show again you can be a valuable asset for that organization.