Broadcast letter

Recommended format: Paragraph style

A broadcast letter is an amazing tool that is useful to market yourself. This letter could be send to a big but also specific group composed of friendly contacts and prospective employers. It is the opportunity to make your own list of contacts based on the organizations that you have collected. These contacts could be obtained from phone books, address books, online directories and even from your e-mail contact list. This letter is known as a potent tool for a job search campaign in several levels that will help you to enter to an occult job market.

The broadcast letter could be considered as a network tool because it will help you to make known to your specific contacts from your personal and business network that you are looking for a job. So, that will increase your job opportunities. Also, your contacts will know a summary of your related abilities and the type of job that you are looking for. You could obtain good results because you could be interviewed by a potential employer before the job be part of public knowledge.

Broadcast letter

These kinds of letters could be sent by e-mail, mail or even delivered personally. They are commonly used for sending them in the first stages of a targeted job search. Also, there is no need to include a resume.

With this type of letter, you are delivering a personal piece of correspondence with no visual cues as to its purpose. Therefore, it is crucial to review your letter carefully. This, then, allows you the opportunity to communicate your message without being immediately "dismissed" as you might have been by using the more traditional approach of a cover letter with a resume. These letters work as long as you put time and effort in order to create a unique letter that impacts a reader to choose you.

Broadcast letters could result extremely controversial. Some people praise their effectiveness, believing that they generate more interest because they eliminate the visual cues. Others deplore them, believing that they attempt to manipulate the truth, changing the reader's perception of who you are. This, indeed, could be true. The greatest value of this letter is its ability to create a "different" picture of who you are.

Other point of controversy relating to broadcast letters is that they clearly try to avoid the traditional human resources resume-screening process. After all, this type of letter is a personal letter sent directly to a senior executive. If this executive is interested in you, he or she will pick up the phone and call you, or perhaps route your letter to a lower-level manager who is the hiring authority for your functional area.

Broadcast letters have the following characteristics:

  • Depth and quantity of information: This is greater than a traditional cover letter, as outlined in any of the other categories in this chapter.
  • Number of pages: It is more than acceptable for this letter to run two or even three pages. It is appropriate for a particular situation.