Cold-call letter

Cold Call letter

Cold-call letter is a way of applying to a job without an advertising that offers a position in the company, it is also a way of approaching to a recruiter that may or may not be recruiting for people to a job. This kind of letter is a way of presentation because as you are trying to get hired, so you have to be careful and do an introduction about yourself, your skills, your studies, any kind of certificate that you have (related to the job you want), employment experience, achievement, credentials and any other acknowledgment that you have received.

As written before it is important that you point well who you are, because depending of your profession the recruiter or company will or will not decide of you are important for their needs. It is important that you write if you are: an advertising director, a health-care administrator, a Java programmer, chemical engineer, a management executive, a graphic designer or if you have other profession. It is also important that you set clear you goals and what kind of position you are looking for in the company.

Perhaps the most important tip that you are going to receive is that when you write this kind of letter it is important to avoid wordiness and to get to the point quickly, you have to do your presentation (tell who you are), which kinds of position you are having in mind, and what kind of benefits you can bring to the company. Being straightforward is very important because the recruiters and the company will not assumed anything they are going to read what you have to say, so once again avoid wordiness.

Characteristics of the cold-call letters

  • The letter have to be pretty sharp, it is important that the company or the recruiter understand you, so giving a clear information about yourself, about who you are and every attribute you have will make a great impression.
  • It important that your Cold-call letter make a great impression, because the letter is not a response for a job opportunity, it has to be considered as a bound between the reader and the writer. So the immediate reaction of the business or recruiter should be a call to the writer.

Types of Cold-call letter

There are two types of cold-call letters:

The one that is send to a recruiter and the one that is send to a company, although the concept is the same there are minor differences between them.

A letter of this type send to a recruiter should be pretty clear, it has to go straight to the point and give as much information as you can about your preferences and about your speciation about your salary.

There are several ways of telling the recruiter about this speciation and it must be placed at the end of the letter.

You can choose any of these forms of talking about your salary:

  • Most recently, my salary has averaged $50,000 annually.
  • My current salary objectives are in the $100,000 to $150,000 range.
  • My salary requirements are negotiable and can be discussed at the time of an interview.
  • My salary history can be discussed at the time of an interview.