Referral letter

When you are writing a referral letter, you are writing to another person at a company or recruiting firm with the purpose of recommending someone. These letters can be very similar in style and strategy to cold-call letters because of the use you are giving to it.

Referral Letter

If you are working for a company or you have your own, you are certainly going to write a referral letter for employers, friend or even family friends. So it is important to know the basics about it.

You have to think that this letter is very important for the person who ask it, because him is using the time that has pass in your company as a reference to a new job experience.

How to use it

This referral letter is also known as recommendation letter, it can be used not only in job applications but in other scenarios.

The letter is a way of testifying of that the person who ask it has several great skills and that obtain several achievements, that is why it is especially important that the letter contain a formal language and presentation.

There are different situations where this letter can use:

  • The person who asks it (candidate) can support his interview and resume with the letter.
  • There are several jobs that ask for a reference letter before hiring a person, so it is important that any candidate has at least one in hand.
  • Most of the companies take the references as a way of building thrust, and a referral letter can be used as a strong document that can be support any candidate as a trustworthy person.
  • Also it can be used while renting an apartment because landlords ask for one because they need a reference.


When presenting a referral letter and in order to be effective it is very important that the person who write it must be known, and that him must recognized by name, company affiliation or by the status that he has in the business community or industry.If the name of the referral is not recognized the letter can be passed and not taken in count.

Referral letters can work for individuals at all levels. For the senior executive, a referral letter can highlight contributions to revenue and profit growth, strategic leadership, organizational development, turnaround, and other senior-level functions.

For the college graduate, a referral letter can focus on academic performance, internships, leadership, enthusiasm, and interest in the organization.

The message might change, but the strategy remains the same: "Sell" who you are in a broad-brush fashion in the hope that something within the breadth of your experience will capture your interviewer attention or the attention of the interviewer of the company.


Referral letters are characterized by the following:


All referral letters begin with an immediate reference to the person who referred you to that organization. This is the single distinguishing qualification of referral letters.

General in composition.

Because you do not know whether the company is hiring, or for what types of positions, it is best to sell as much about yourself, your experience, and your career as possible.